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Hawking Artificial Intelligence warning: AI could be 'dire threat' to mankind

Stephen Hawking warns that artificial intelligence (AI) could become a threat to mankind in the future and it is best to take steps today to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hawking was not alone, he was one of four scientists who co-wrote a dire warning to the human race, according to Raw Story on May 3.

AI is something used frequently today, it is found in iPhone’s personal assistant Siri and other programs such as Google Now. The AI jumped into another dimension with the development of self-driving cars. As AI becomes more sophisticated in the problem solving department, the potential for misuse is huge.

The end result of a less than successful outcome of AI, sounds similar to a famous computer from a movie, HAL. While the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” was farfetched at the time, when the computer “HAL” took over it was a scary experience for the astronauts. HAL became an entity that could keep itself going and eventually ruled the humans that were stuck in the space ship with it.

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