Has big data made market research redundant?

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, and you’ll never convince a room full of market researchers that big data will make their role redundant – despite an informed and impassioned appeal to common sense by Alex Chruszcz, head of insight and pricing at Asda.
Chruszcz was one of four speakers invited along to The Debating Group event in Committee Room 12 of the House of Commons last night to argue the motion: “Big data has made market research redundant”.
Chruszcz spoke for the motion – not, he said, because he believes market research lacks value. On the contrary, Chruszcz explained that data analysts and market researchers sit “side-by-side within Asda, working on projects together”. His budget – of around £20m – is split 50/50. “I know that we get better insight by combining big data and market research.”

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