Hadoop, There It Isn’t—A Startup Bucks The Big Data Consensus

He’s the CTO of Wanelo, one of the online-shopping startups that’s pioneering the Visual Web. It’s a wicked mixture of Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram with a simple twist—everything you see on Wanelo is for sale online. Its more than 10 million users follow each others, as well as stores, and topics. The result is a highly relevant personalized feed of stuff you want, need, or love (hence the company’s name).

Those desires flood past Gredeskoul’s fingertips as the tall man with a pink mohawk sifts through Wanelo’s data from its bean-bag-strewn office. Users have saved more than 9.5 million products into over 35 million collections to organize their shopping online. Wanelo has more than 200,000 online stores indexed, from big brands to small shops and even Etsy sellers. Wanelo’s infrastructure now must handle about 200,000 requests per minute, a hundredfold increase since June 2012, when it relaunched its website.

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