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Google's new data tool reveals the hottest travel trends every quarter

Google has released a new interactive data tool called “Travel Dashboard” that details recent trends in the travel industry.
The tool, which will be updated each quarter, utilizes Google’s extensive big data collection to provide a comprehensive look at the air, hotel and car rental industries.
The most recent tool collects data from 2013 through June 2015, analyzing how people from 25 major U.S. markets travel, where they travel, the top brands by search, the top five travel-related questions on Google and mobile search volume across the three industries.
For example, click the “Hotel” tab and see how much interest the industry is drawing by the number of search queries. Or check out the most popular air and hotel itineraries. Or see which hotel brands are attracting major interest. Or view which industry is the most mobile-friendly. Heck, you can even see the specific travel-related questions that are appearing most on Google (“When is the best time to book a flight?” was by far the most popular question, by the way).

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