Google Algorithm Testing: How Big G Knows What Works

For anyone who keeps tabs on the latest developments in search engine optimization, it is common knowledge that Google Algorithm updates happen on a regular basis. When I say regularly, I’m not talking about once per month. They sometimes will roll out multiple updates in a day – for example, take 2012, when they launched a total of 665 updates in one year!

If you click through the link in the previous paragraph, you will also see that Google’s team rolled out over 7,000 live tests that same year. In other words, they test more than 10X the number of actual updates to determine which work best. And all of this is algorithmic, meaning it excludes manual reviews and penalties.

Given this affinity for testing and updating, Google is obviously hard at work trying to improve the SERPs. When you add in the range of different platforms (i.e. mobile, tablets, etc.), locations, types of results (organic vs. local vs. knowledge graph), images, languages, freshness, and all the other variables they must parse to deliver quality results, it’s amazing that they have time to sleep.

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