Getting started with Big Data: Installing Ubuntu on top of VirtualBox

In an earlier blog entry we looked into how to install VirtualBox on top of Windows, now it’s time to install Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit Desktop which is latest LTS release as of this writing.
The reason for using 64-bit is that 64-bit OS addresses more RAM than a 32-bit OS and that some of the Big Data frameworks like Impala can be only deployed on a 64-bit OS. An Ubuntu Server edition could have been used instead of a Ubuntu Desktop edition, but the Desktop edition provides a nice UI (defaults to Unity) which makes it easy for those who want to get started with Linux.
– The first step is to download Ubuntu 12.04 and not the point release 12.04.3. There are some problems installing the Ubuntu 12.04.3 point release as mentioned here. The `ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso` image can be downloaded from here or one of the alternate sites.

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