Free Cloud Storage For Entrepreneurs: Top 6 Picks

Entrepreneurs and startups throughout the world are taking advantage of cloud-based applications to manage everything from productivity and teamwork to resource scheduling and communications. The first apps out offered the prized ability to share and distribute files from the web that has now emerged into the ubiquitous category of free cloud storage, comprising dozens of apps.

Although entrepreneurs make mistakes (as I’ve covered in the past), the ability to use cloud storage service with reliability and safety assurance can be one of the smartest move a startup executive can make.

With that in mind, I’ve tapped collaborator Adam Torkildson for a closer look at six of the most popular free cloud storage services emerging ventures can use to conduct business more efficiently and safely, particularly with an eye for recent concerns for ensuring Heartbleed vulnerability protections are securely in place:

Dropbox – Dropbox is one of the best known free cloud storage systems. One of its major advantages is that it offers clients specifically designed for Linux and Blackberry systems as well as the more standard OS offerings, so no matter what particular type of technology you or your employees enjoy employing, Dropbox can likely fit your needs. Heartbleed security: Dropbox was affected by Heartbleed, but there is a patch in place now, and previous users are encouraged to change their passwords.

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