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Ford introducing big data to the motorway with new smart cars

The internet of things and big data will radically change the way we drive in the future, according to car maker Ford.
The firm cited examples, including Obama’s re-election campaign and UPS’ improvements to package delivery, for how using data can improve systems dramatically.
Now, it says, it wants to bring that level of efficiency to the dashboards of cars around the world.
An Intel-Ford partnership is trialling a feature named “Mobii”, in which using eye and gesture-tracking a car will be able to be operated by voice commands and finger-pointing. Motion to the sun-roof and say “open” and the car will do the rest.
Facial recognition software will adjust car seating as well as radio stations. If the person sat in the driver’s seat isn’t recognised, the owner will be sent a text asking to authorise the new driver.
“Increasingly the devices and systems in our lives are becoming more and more connected. Those connections generate data and those data generate opportunities insights that can help our customers’ lives,” Ford’s executive director Don Butler said.

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