Exhaustive list of companies that offer Analytics jobs in India

With more and more companies venturing into the world of Analytics, which was once dominated by telecom, healthcare, retail, and financial services, analytics industry in India has soared significantly in the recent years. With the digitization in this era and the establishment of everything over the Internet, analytics is now a must and almost all top firms in India are branching into Analytics. The result? High demand and scope for budding analysts. If you are looking for a job in Analytics in India, these are the companies you should watch for…
1. AbsolutData
2. Accenture
3. Affine
4. American Express
5. Aon Hewitt
6. Axtria
7. Bank of America
8. Barclays Shared Services
9. Boston Analytics
10. Bridge i2i Analytics
11. Capillary Technologies
12. Chainalytics
13. Citi Bank Analytics
14. Cognilytics
15. Crayon Data
16. Cytel
17. Datamatics
18. Decision Craft
19. Dell
20. Dexterity
21. Dunhumby
22. eBay
23. Evalueserve
24. EXL Services
25. Experian
26. Fidelity Analytics
27. Fractal Analytics
28. Genpact Analytics
29. Global Analytics
30. Goldman Sachs
31. HP Analytics
32. HSBC Analytics
33. IBM Analytics
34. Icra technology
35. iCreate
36. IGate
37. Infosys
38. Ipsos
39. LatentView
40. Ma Foi
41. Mahindra Satyam
42. Manhattan Associates
43. Marketelligent
44. Modelytics
45. Nabler
46. Nett Positive
47. NeuralTechSoft
48. Nomura Analytics
49. Opera solution
50. PwC Analytics
51. RBS Business Services
52. Reliance
53. SBI Analytics
54. Scope International
55. Smart Cube
56. Takshashila Consulting
57. TEG Analytics
58. Towers Watson
59. Transorg Analytics
60. Uninor
61. Vehere Interactive
62. Vodafone
63. Walmart Analytics
64. Wipro
65. WNS Analytics
66. ZS Associates

  1. CB Singh 4 years ago

    What is average salary for a Fresher?

  2. Niloufer Jain 4 years ago

    In the financial service industry, one of the most coveted careers is that of the financial analyst. The basics of financial service industry can be easily covered with the financial modelling and financial analyst course that are delivered in abundance by top-notch institutes all over.

  3. Abhishek Joshi 3 years ago

    As per Industry, Data scientist is the coolest job of 21st century with over 10 million job openings worldwide! Big Data involves the process of collecting, managing and analyzing huge sets of data. With leading Fortune 500 companies handling Big data in their operations, the job scope for skilled professionals to capture and understand these data sets are increasing. HP ( 6-day Hadoop Developer Course, an ideal module for professionals who want to understand the basic concepts of Big Data and Hadoop.

  4. Bill Haden 3 years ago

    iConnectiva also offers jobs for the field of big data analytics and revenue assurance as it is the leading revenue management vendor in India. Vist and check the careers opportunities.

  5. Satish Goel 3 years ago

    The list missed Facts n Data (, Aileron Analytics, (both, Delhi) and Tiger (Chennai).

  6. Yashodhan Bhatt 3 years ago

    The listing is fine but it’s impossible for a fresher to get into analytics in India. All companies demand at least 2-3 years of work – ex. I, for instance, have been struggling a lot even though I possess the entire skillset needed for the job of a business analyst.
    All I lack is experience of the analytical domain — hence no job.

    • Anon 2 years ago

      why not join a startup? Or look at internships.
      Would be less paying than others, but once you gain 1+ years experience ,you can switch

    • Jagabandhu 10 months ago

      It’s been 2 years. I would like to know where are you now? With your career?

  7. Rajib Kumar De 2 years ago

    Nice reference!!
    This is Rajib from GlobalStat Analytics (
    GlobalStat is an Indian and globally recognized Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Product Development Company whose purpose is to develop, produce, and promote Analytics and Data Science Practice and Practitioners.
    GlobalStat strives to support organizations and individuals by making their visions, dreams, and goals become a reality. We can help you facilitate organizational change, empower, enliven and enlighten individuals and organizations.
    GlobalStat makes business easier in an information-saturated world by helping different organizations understand the true meaning of their data and solve complex business problems by visualization and analysis through Statistical Science and assist them to win against a competitor.
    Show less

  8. Kalyan Banga 2 years ago

    Good one! You might like to add Fusion Analytics World ( to the list, a one stop platform for everything on Analytics, empowering readers to create value from data. The platform intends to provide a holistic view of the Analytics industry by bringing together all ecosystem players within the global Analytics market.
    The platform is created for readers to not only view niche content, apply for jobs or courses and list their startups & businesses in directory but also to participate and share their individual expertise with the community and gaining credibility in front of the entire analytics population and be noticed by becoming “Top Contributor” of the site.

  9. Philips Huges 1 year ago

    Helpful as always. Every post you write produce a massive value to your readers that is the only reason it is so popular and has great authority.
    Analytic Mentor

  10. Piyush Gupta 1 year ago

    You guys missed MuSigma and Busigence Analytics.

  11. Avinash Avi 1 year ago

    Pretty good list, you guys forgot to add Msys Technologies (

  12. sundhi 8 months ago

    “nice companies…for big data technologies and data anaytics and hadoop technologies…

  13. Revathi Bejugam 7 months ago

    Hi, I am looking forward for a data analytics internship at hyderabad.
    can anyone suggest me where will I get one.??

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