Don’t Know What to Write About? Big Data Does

As modern marketers, we must build content that is relevant to our audience. Web copy, email, gated assets, videos…all of these take time to develop, and we should direct our efforts wisely.

Content marketers need to develop the right content that appeals to the right groups of people. This isn’t just a marketing lesson, but a life one. After all, you wouldn’t send romance novels to science fiction fans, just like you wouldn’t prepare the perfect prime rib dinner for strict vegetarians.

A few months ago, Marketo’s Phillip Chen explained how they have been experimenting with interest-based nurturing by taking existing content and reorganizing it around specific topics of interest. They grouped assets into topics like “email marketing” and “Microsoft Dynamics,” and then analyzed prior behavior by prospects to match them to these topics.

With the new groupings around topics of interests, their email open rates increased from 22% to 34%. More importantly, click-through rates increased from 5.1% to 12.6%. That’s more than double the clicks, just by aiming at a prospect’s interests.

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