Does Big Data Going Mainstream Present a Real Threat to Oracle?

The battle to take big data mainstream is gaining momentum, with start-ups such as DataStax, Lotame, Hortonworks, Couchbase and Vertica ostensibly looking to upstage legacy providers such as Oracle (NYSE: ORCL ) and SAP (NYSE: SAP ) .

Peter Goldmacher of Cowen & Company’s analysts recently offered up his findings about big data going mainstream. He says that cloud start-ups are spending heavily on self-promotion and the promotion of big data and in the process they have made people aware of the role that Big Data can play at the average organization, not just at large blue-chip companies. Mr. Goldmacher stressed that legacy providers Oracle and SAP face the biggest threat from these upstarts.

Oracle seems to be lagging behind
In a way, Mr. Goldmacher had a point, particularly in regard to Oracle, the market leader in ERP, or enterprise resource planning, solutions, and CRM, or customer relationship management, software. If you track the latest developments at the major enterprise cloud-computing providers, nearly all of the major players, with the exception of Oracle, seem to have made loud splashes recently. Here are some of the notable ones:

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