Digital Brand Strategy In A Big Data World

One thing is for certain; things change — and in digital — change is rapid and disruptive. New software solutions, communication platforms, and devices for access and sharing are developed and launched at an exponential rate. Many of these present new and unique opportunities brands can and should take advantage of, but more often than not these new solutions enter an organization organically, under the radar and without strategy or governance. A few years back when Facebook took off as a corporate marketing channel, a global company could within weeks have a dozen company pages in multiple languages without as much as a user guideline or a process for storing log-in passwords in place.

Recently, in the wake of major accidents and corporate scandals company leaderships had to stand and watch as people dealt serious blows online to their brands’ reputations as the public vented their frustration. Others observed start-ups skyrocketing past them using a fraction of their communications and IT budgets. This became eye-openers and companies finally see the need to have digital strategies, governance and processes in place to spur innovation, customer loyalty and to guard and monitor their brand online.

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