DataStax’s Cassandra Isn’t Just a NoSQL Database

You don’t have to convince Jason Atlas that yesterday’s databases weren’t built for today’s world. The Vice President of Engineering at IID experienced it for himself when the popular database his company was using almost puked because it couldn’t handle the momentum of data coming at it.

And while a little latency might be tolerated in some industries, at Atlas’s company it is not; after all it provides a platform where enterprises can share data about the latest cyber threats and ongoing attacks and be warned before the trouble that’s on its way — and it’s always on its way — can wreak havoc.

Doing this requires gathering and crunching huge amounts of data from a large number of sources, so much so that the term “big data” and its three v’s (high volume, high velocity, high variety) seem barely sufficient to describe it. And this data, mind you, not only needs to be collected, crunched and analyzed, but this also needs to be done in a highly secure and transparent way so that the financial institutions and other businesses, who share their information with IID, have full confidence that it is protected, uncompromised and used for intended purposes only.

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