Data Visualization Helped Madras Cements Turn Big Data into Big Ideas

Let’s put some commonly held myths to rest. Big data doesn’t reveal earth-shattering information about your customers or about your business. In fact, big data doesn’t reveal anything. If anything, big data is term to describe the current state of the digital world which is creating, and capturing digital data made possible by technology.

What’s the big fuss about big data then? Service providers want you think it’s huge because they want to sell you solutions that will help you do capture and store data. They however, will not help you decode the various cryptic patterns and lead you to discover what your customers want or the market is demanding. Even Dan Brown can’t help you with that.

The fundamental problem is that traditional forms of data interpretation have stuck to text or table based report like Excel sheets. But humans are visual creatures. Our ability to quickly interpret visual information is far greater than that of written words. The data deluge we are witnessing further compounds the problem. Our attention spans are shrinking, there’s a constant overload of information and our ability to retain what we read is abysmal.

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