Data Mining

Data mining personalizes direct mail

LOS ANGELES — Big data is turbocharging the old-fashioned business of direct-mail marketing, giving dealers the ability to pinpoint prospective customers and tailor their appeals right down to the desired monthly payment.
It’s a departure from the days of “spraying and praying,” when dealers would use mailers to pitch sales events or cash giveaways to tens of thousands of addressees, but save the details for those who actually ventured into the showroom.
Today the aim is to prime customers with enough specific, useful information to get them to make that critical phone call or visit to the dealership. Modern mailers can, for example, include specific offers for a new-vehicle purchase or lease that would lower the recipient’s monthly payment. Dealers who want more late-model Honda Civics on their used-car lots can send buyback offers to owners of that car, or they can craft pitches specifically to customers with damaged credit.


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