Data-Driven Marketing Step Five: Process Is The New Black

As I wrap up this five-part series designed to help you implement data-driven marketing, it’s time to talk about process. Granted, process is usually not a hot topic among marketers; most can’t imagine it as anything “sexy.” However, when process delivers competitive advantage or elevates brand relevance, I can assure you, it’s very sexy. Here’s how you can up your game with processes that improve performance, enhance the customer experience and increase sales:
Start by agreeing on the definition of process. Make sure your team knows you’re not talking about the old-fashioned way of doing business, like hard-copy job-starter forms crammed into folders. Today’s processes are sleek and sophisticated. They’re updated, purpose-built marketing activities made possible by advances in marketing technology and automation. Simply put, process is what will enable you to regain control of the modern marketing environment. But to get that control, you’ll need to define process for your organization and determine what analytics are required for the individual customer, overall customer and operational performance views.

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