Could big data end our drought problems?

Globally, people are beginning to realise they can’t continue using resources, especially water, with such abandon as they have in the past. If the torrid pace of water waste is maintained, we’re going to find ourselves in a very tight spot in the near future.

Fortunately, big data can make a significant difference in how water usage is tracked and how to conserve that water.

With numerous big data cloud platforms to choose from, cities and states can find options that fit their budget and provide the services necessary to make a difference.

We use water in so many different ways — landscape, garden, cooking, washing, bathroom — that it’s easy to become accustomed to having whatever we need, whenever we need it.

While it’s a nice to have such access, it has in many ways numbed individuals to water waste because we’ve taken for granted our access to water for so long.

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