Couchbase Releases NoSQL Mobile Platform

Couchbase is nothing if not ambitious. It’s challenging Cassandra and DataStax as the scalability champion in the NoSQL arena while taking on MongoDB as a JSON-handling document database. On Wednesday, the company added a third front: a mobile database platform.

Couchbase Mobile, which was launched in public beta in September, addresses the problem of keeping mobile applications running whether they’re connected to networks or not. To ensure consistent performance and data synchronization, the platform provides three components: the Couchbase Lite mobile database, Couchbase Sync Gateway, and the central Couchbase Server.

Couchbase Lite is a small-footprint (500K), mobile version of the company’s database that’s embedded in mobile apps and runs locally on mobile devices. Like the database it’s named after, Lite handles Java Script Object Notation, a format that supports the semi-structured and variably structured data often encountered in Internet and mobile applications.

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