Cloud Providers May Not Be Ready For Big Data Onslaught, Users Fear

We know full well why many organizations are avoiding public cloud — they’re nervous about security. However, seasoned cloud adopters that have locked down their security have another concern on their plate — the performance of their cloud services. Never mind the security of big data — can cloud providers even handle big data?

That’s the key takeaway of a recent survey of 250 technology executives conducted by Internap Network Services. The survey authors separated out the “cloud-wise” organizations that are currently using cloud services from the “cloud-wary” organizations that are not using cloud services and have no near-term plans to do so.

The survey shows that once companies gain experience with public cloud offerings, their security concerns diminish dramatically. A majority of the cloud-wary (40%) cited cloud security as a concern, whereas only 15% of the cloud-wise cited security as a challenge they’ve encountered.

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