CIS seniors design musical algorithm

Got a tune you can’t get out of your head? Three computer science seniors designed an algorithm that will replace that melody with a better one.

The creators of the User Input Based Algorithmic Music Platform project are developing algorithms that take a melody and create supplemental tunes to form a distinct harmony.

The algorithm created by Engineering seniors Jiten Suthar, Israel Geselowitz and David Cerny is for their senior design project — which Engineering students must complete before graduation. The three seniors were tasked with developing a creative product while applying the various skills and knowledge they had learned in class.

“We thought it would be cool to intersect music with what we’re learning in computer science,” Suthar said.

All three seniors have a background in music, playing either the piano, harmonica or guitar. Suthar also composes his own music. “It’s the one hobby that I’m most passionate about,” he said.

The algorithm determines what music to add to the original harmony by searching a database of 400 Bach Chorales, a type of German Lutheran hymn-tune, and comparing previously entered chords to to the chord patterns of the Bach Chorales.

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