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Can Big Data Take a Bite Out of Local Crime?

Today, it seems like eyes are everywhere. The government is monitoring your email inbox (and pretty much everywhere else on the internet, too). Private companies are tracking your vehicle’s location and selling the information to the highest bidders. And, of course, law enforcement now has the legal right to track your physical location via your cell phone without any warrant required.
But the city of Oakland, California is taking government surveillance to a new level. Over the last couple years, the city has been installing a network of gunshot sound detectors, video surveillance cameras, traffic cameras, thermal cameras, radiation detectors and license plate readers to help fight against crime and terrorism. Now, through a $7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Oakland is in the process of launching the Domain Awareness Center (DAC), a facility that will analyze data from these sources in real time, funneling information back to the cops.

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