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Business leaders hopeful that analytics can improve health care

Many business leaders are hopeful that by delving deeper into big data, they can find ways to reach more consumers and generate more profits. Analytics can help for-profit companies better understand their target demographics and add to their ever-expanding rosters of companies.
In healthcare, however, the visionaries who work with data have a more altruistic motive. Their goal is to improve their strategies for patient care, enabling them to add years to people’s lives.
A group of healthcare investors and business leaders recently met for a panel discussion in Boston, according to TechTarget, and their objective was to channel big data into solutions to all of the industry’s problems today.
One such leader was Charlie Baker, an investor in healthcare companies for General Catalyst Partners, who’s currently running for governor of Massachusetts. Baker told the audience that today’s healthcare delivery system is fragmented and driven by a series of separate procedures, and more needs to be done to streamline processes. Data can help with that.

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