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Breaking Bad Data: Fightin’ Crime On Four Fronts

Walter White’s death in the Breaking Bad’s series finale may have some heroic note to it. He saved Jesse Pinkman, his estranged meth partner, from the neo-Nazis, managed to set up a trust fund for his kids, and he killed The Tattooed Lady. Some were disappointed that Walt died in the end, calling it cliché – bad guy seeks redemption before he dies. Some say it was not the ending he deserved, some wanted him to live and expand his meth empire – the comments just go on and on.

Though many viewers fell in love with the cold-hearted Heisenberg, we shouldn’t forget that he’s one of the bad guys after all, and all bad guys deserve their comeuppance…

So what does this have to do with technology, specifically Big Data? Well, if you weren’t interested in Big Data before, then maybe this will catch your attention: law enforcement the world over is now using data analytics in a big way to catch the bad guys. While Breaking Bad’s Walt was able to dodge the hands of justice with his heroic death, most real life bad guys aren’t gonna be nearly as lucky…

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