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Big Pharma meets Big Data

May 13th’s Innovation Series from the MIT Enterprise Forum featured a panel discussion on the impact of big data on Healthcare in general and Pharma in particular. The panelists represented diverse backgrounds including academic research, large pharmaceuticals, and venture investment and proceeded to identify a series of challenges and opportunities manifest as a result of the data tsunami.
Pharma has always been in the data business. Without data no medicine would ever make it to market. The world of data has evolved and is reflected in what the panel termed the three V’s: Velocity, Volume, and Variability. In other words, data is received faster, is being gathered in great volumes, and has greater variability and thus greater challenges to analyze and apply. This new information landscape offers great opportunities for creativity and innovation in the processes of bringing new medicines to market and the management of people’s health but it is not without its challenges. The panel identified quite a number of these…

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