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Big games = big data: ‘Games are a service now’

In the past, building a game was like making a Hollywood movie: creative people collaborating in a massive, expensive effort to build a self-contained entity that, when finished, they released to the market and then sat back to watch it succeed or fail.

Not anymore.

“Games are a service now,” Roadhouse Interactive‘s Ian Verchere, a mobile gaming veteran, said last night at the Vancouver Enterprise Forum‘s mobile gaming summit. “You’re in the customer service sort of space — sort of like a casino.” In other words, the new model is to release a game and stay involved throughout its lifespan, changing and adapting it in response to what players do. In fact, instead of development teams decreasing in size after launch, typically they are increasing, Kaiser Ng of DeNA Studios said. DeNA publishes big mobile games like NFL Matchups and G.I. Joe: BattleGround.

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