Big Data’s Bigger Optics Issues and Biggest Questions

Big data raises a lot of questions—and depending on your industry, one of those questions might be when enough is enough.

We’ve already been wondering this for a while—Gartner sounded the alarm on this topic last summer when it suggested the hype around big data had reached the “trough of disillusionment.”

Based on a series of recent news stories, I’d say we’re pretty far down the trough and backlash is common these days. Among the stories I’ve seen:

Members of the American Farm Bureau headed to Washington last month to meet with legislators, and one of the biggest topics—as noted by the Associated Press—was, surprisingly, data security. See, as farming has become so reliant on technology for efficiency purposes, Bureau members have expressed concerns that this increasingly granular information could put the industry’s interests at odds with the seed industry, commodities speculators, or even (imagine this image) “an overall-clad Edward Snowden.”

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