Big data, what have you done for me lately?

In gearing up to attend this week’s DataBeat, I found myself thinking about what I want out of the conference. I’ve dreamed about being able to analyze all the data that’s relevant to my company and what that could do for me as a CMO.
Imagine the insights: how customers use a product, how they consume content, and how social media data and brand sentiment come together to tell hidden stories. Imagine connecting all the data around the deals you’ve closed, with all the contacts in your database, and immediately seeing who looks like a possible customer? Or – for those of you that say you don’t need marketing (by which you probably mean advertising and are confusing the two terms) – imagine the ability to create emails and content that are targeted so accurately that people find the material helpful vs. spammy, and actually want more?
There is so much talk about big data, and yet it is rare to see in companies that aren’t drowning in cash like Google, a business that can really get to the dream of N=ALL; a way to see all of the data in your organization and find connections and insights so fully unexpected that they radically change how you operate.
Why isn’t this dream more of a reality?

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