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Big Data Wants to be Your Shopping Buddy

Imagine a nice Friday afternoon walking around your local mall. You walk into your favorite browsing for a new outfit to wear to your friend’s party later in the evening. Although you usually shop in-store, sometimes you shop online, as many people all over the world do. You wander into the shoe section.

“Those black Nine West boots would look amazing on you. I think they have them in a size seven.”

You try the boots on and sure enough, they are a great fit. You purchase them and continue to the makeup section.

“Mac is having a sale on makeup. They have a new set of eye shadow trios in browns like you wear. They’re on sale. You should check them out.”

After you’ve bought your makeup, you head up to the dress section.

“The new spring collection has some great white sundresses, perfect to go with the brown belt that you bought last month. Size two is in stock. They’re over to your right.”

You try on the dress and, of course, it looks amazing on you. You look in your bags, pleased that you didn’t waste time searching through sizes and styles that didn’t match your personal taste. Luckily you had some helpful advice, but there’s just one problem. You came to the mall alone.

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