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Big Data” To Power Holiday Shopping Elves

I don’t consider myself to be a procrastinator when it comes to shopping for the holidays. I made my list very early on (even before all the retailers start their holiday decoration) and identified gift ideas for all of them. However, there will always be a few that I would agonize over until the very last day. Sometimes, I would find something great. Others, I would end up with lame “gift cards”. Maybe there should be a song titled “The 12 Days of Shopping Agony”.
Apparently, I am not alone. A research study produced by McCann Truth Central published in November, “The Truth About Holiday Shopping,” found similar sentiment. According to the survey, a quarter of British consumers liken holiday shopping to “a military operation.” And roughly half of American shoppers say it’s “like having a tooth pulled.” And one-third of consumers globally would outsource all of their holiday shopping, if they could.
This is a great opportunity for retailers, particularly online retailers!

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