Big Data: The invisible force reshaping our world

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of data you generate on a day-to-day basis?

Probably not, but when you actually consider it, we’re creating more data as individuals than ever before and sometimes without even knowing we’re doing it. Just reading this article for instance, did you realise you’re creating data in doing so?

What about when you make a telephone call or send an SMS? When you search for something online or buy something at the supermarket? How about when you use public transport or update your social networks on your daily commute? Even when you’re relaxing watching television or out exercising you are creating data.

The unprecedented volume of data we’ve been creating has been labelled “Big Data”, which in the simplest term just means a lot of data.

To put it in context, 500 times more data was generated in 2012 compared to the total volume that was produced from the dawn of time right up until a decade ago. And it’s still growing — by 2015 the amount of data we’re producing will be three times that of 2012.

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