Big Data Shows Your First Name Says a Lot About Your Politics

In the age of Google, most people are hyper aware of just how much their name means. But as big data begins to play a bigger and bigger role in politics, your name could have more ramifications than just what pops up when you type it into a search engine.

The Democratic modeling and analytic firm Clarity Campaign Labs was able to compile open source data from voting records to tease out what your likely party affiliation is based on your first name. The data widget also lets you know what percentage of voters with any particular name own a gun, attend religious services, or have a college degree.

I tried out this highly addictive widget, and certainly learned a thing or two. Tess isn’t the most common name, currently there are only 7,772 registered American voters with that name. Of these, just over 60 percent vote Democratic, and nearly 55 percent have a college degree. For the record, I fall into the majority in both of these categories.

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