Big data set to "die" in 2 years – Gartner

One of the most hyped technology trends nowadays, big data – or at least the term “big data” – is poised to die in the next couple of years.

The death sentence was declared by Donald Feinberg, VP and distinguished analyst at Gartner’s Intelligence and Information Management group.

“The term ‘big data’ is going to disappear in the next two years, to become just ‘data’ or ‘any data.’ But, of course, the analysis of data will continue,” Feinberg said at Gartner’s Business Intelligence and Information Management summit being held in São Paulo.

Confusion reigning over big data’s value, and therefore its business application, will lead to its demise. The generic term “distracts” companies, bringing misperception over the real need and importance of having data analyzed to improve business performance, the analyst said.

In fact, in an industry survey regarding analytics tools, Gartner found that 64% of organizations said they are investing or planning to invest in big data, compared to 58% in 2012.

Yet when responding about “big data challenges,” some 56% claimed to be “determining how to get value from big data,” while 41% said they were “defining our big data strategy.” Another 23% also listed “understanding what big data is” as an issue.

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