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Big data says you deserve a promotion

Many years ago, I had an interview with one of the UK’s leading fund management companies. At the end of it I was asked to provide a sample of my handwriting. Every candidate had to have their handwritten scrawl analysed by a ‘graphologist’ in Switzerland.

Quite what insights into my stock picking ability he was supposed to spot, I’m not sure. In any case, he mustn’t have liked it, because I wasn’t offered the job.

Later on in my career I talked to another firm who were very keen on me. At the last stage of the process I met a man who chatted to me about this and that for 20 minutes.

I had been carefully considering my responses, but at the end of the discussion he revealed that he had paid no attention to what I had said. Rather, he had been watching and listening to the way I said it. This, apparently, provided insights into my character which would be reported back to my prospective employer.

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