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You say you’re an old-school business intelligence or data-warehousing professional? Well, like many technology professionals, you’re likely to be treading water when it comes to salaries and total compensation.

This is just one of the conclusions of InformationWeek’s new BI & Analytics Salary Survey 2014. Data from our survey, conducted from November 2013 to February 2014 among 410 staff and 336 managers shows BI/analytics staff reporting a median base salary of $87,000 and a median increase of 1.9%, and management base salaries at a median level of $110,000 with a median increase of 1.7%. Data integration/warehousing staff, while faring better than their BI/analytics counterparts with a median base salary of $100,000, report a median change of 0%. Data integration/warehousing managers are seeing a healthier median increase of 2.8%, with a median base salary of $120,000.

These categories and almost all others in our IT-wide survey — with 11,000-plus respondents across 23 categories — are, at best, keeping pace with inflation. It’s a different story for big data practitioners and data scientists, two emerging categories that, as yet, are not consistently defined. Our survey didn’t cover these very new categories — but according to recently released reports by Burtch Works, these new-era data professionals are at the top of the pay scale reported in InformationWeek’s research.

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