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Big Data Needs to Work Toward Security Solutions Now — Before It’s Too Late

Big data is certainly a buzz word, but it’s not going anywhere. Instead, big data is only getting bigger and what we consider a massive amount of 1s and 0s now will be minuscule to what we are computing in the future. That is simply a fact.

As wearable tech becomes more commonplace, as virtual reality begins to seep in to our regular lives (and it will, if Facebook knows anything), as digital monetary systems begin to seriously take hold, as our on and offline lives seamlessly collide, big data will turn into massive data — personalizing all of our experiences from when we sign on to our social media accounts to when we buy our first house.

We’re talking about predictive analysis here, the ability to determine, based on past events, what an individual’s future actions will look like. Of course, predictive analysis isn’t perfect now, nor is it likely it ever will be, but we’re getting closer to understanding what it takes to look into the digital crystal ball, if you will. After all, humans are creatures of habit, and habits are blatantly obvious when run through an algorithm — which is why security needs to be big data’s biggest concern right now.

According to findings from a January 2014 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 21% of Americans said they have had their online accounts compromised at one point or another. Another 18% said that they have had important personal information stolen, including social security numbers, credit card numbers or bank account information. That is an increase from the 11% who said the same in July of 2013.

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