Big Data Must Be Meaningful

Big data is everywhere. Innovative technologists are introducing new solutions and tools daily, enticing us to “cut through the big data clutter” and “access timely and accurate insights.” It all sounds exciting and important … the business of planning, recruiting and hiring the right workforce being driven by meaningful data!

Recently Pinstripe, a recruitment process outsourcing provider, suggested “The true sign that analytics have arrived in the HR software space is the presence of visual reporting tools, customizable data relationships and cross-platform data integrations in nearly every product. Software vendors clearly understand how important analytics are to HR, and they are building analytics functions into their products. It remains to be seen how the execution holds up, but understanding the need for tools is an important first step.” No doubt analytics have arrived, but what does that mean to the average recruiting manager? For starters, it means that you need to define what business intelligence you need and the data that drives it.

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