Big Data makes for better outbound marketing

Since HubSpot coined the term “inbound marketing” in 2005, many businesses shifted from marketing strategies focused on outbound campaigns to methods designed to bring the business to them in order to be more efficient.
As is so often the case, some looked at inbound marketing and figured the new methodology meant abandoning outbound marketing tactics without analyzing how they could improve upon long-proven strategies with new capabilities.
For example, big data and the development and adoption of predictive sales research solutions offer organizations a way to modernize their outbound efforts and reap greater benefits from a sales and marketing strategy that remains essential to most organizations.
From Big Data To Big Business Intelligence
Marketing strategists spend hours on end wading through masses of information. Simply having that information isn’t enough, though.
Outbound marketing efforts succeed when they reach the right audiences. Leveraging data collected from years of successes and failures helps paint a picture of the most effective methods for filling the sales funnel with qualified, eager prospects.
Whether it’s email marketing, direct mail, sales calls or any other form of outbound marketing, knowing when people are most likely to convert can make an average campaign a successful one.

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