Big Data: It’s Not A Buzzword, It’s A Movement

Big Data has become an all encompassing, somewhat sprawling term. Seemingly, it has as many definitions as it does applications. So what is Big Data, exactly, and what does it mean for business and investing?
I had the opportunity to discuss the topic with two pioneers in the space.
Mayank Bawa is co-president and co-founder of TeraData Aster. He leads the Aster Center of Innovation’s Research and Development and Customer Support. Abhinav Gupta is vice president of engineering and a co-founder of Rocket Fuel . Previously, he was Yahoo YHOO +3.7%’s engineering director and led the development of their next-generation behavior-targeting platform.
In its most simple explanation, Big Data represents the ability to process a large amount of complex information to make better-informed business decisions. But as Bawa and Gupta explain, Big Data is much more than that.

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