Big data is not just a fashion trend – it is the real thing, says Cherry Olive

The software industry is often seen as being the heart of the hardware industry, with partakers often creating a lot of hype about new software developments, such as cloud computing. Another, seemingly powerful, software trend is big data – something that is being spoken about increasingly, from various quarters.
“There is a current belief that there is nothing more fashionable than big data,” said Johann Evans, chief technical officer at unified data management company, Cherry Olive, “but I am one of those people who believe it is far more than a hype, or a fashion – it is a growing phenomenon in the technology market that has to be seriously addressed.
“Generally, master data (shared data such as customer, product and location) is usually relatively small in volume. Here you are talking about a few million product data records, and, taken further, this amount could increase to tens of millions or hundreds of millions. But we are looking at these volumes only when one considers B2C (business to consumer) companies – where you get customer records in these volumes. These volumes can be comfortably managed by current database technology.”

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