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Big data in HR means big problems for job seekers

Last week, I appeared on Brian Lehrer’s CUNY-TV news show to discuss how human resources departments are misusing “big data” (aka, “people analytics”) to recruit, hire and watch employees. I think the topic deserves a lot more exploration and discussion.

Are you frustrated because employers reject your job application out of hand without even talking to you? Tired of online application forms kicking you out of consideration because you took too long to answer questions or because you failed to disclose your salary history?

Wait — America’s employment system is getting even more automated and algorithm-ized by applying “big data” to process you. According to a new report in The Atlantic (“They’re Watching You At Work” by Don Peck), the vice president of recruiting at Xerox Services warns that “We’re getting to the point where some of our hiring managers don’t even want to interview anymore.” According to the article, “they just want to hire the people with the highest scores.”

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