Big Data Has A Trust Problem

What’s stopping your company from getting the most value from its big-data project? A lack of trust might be to blame, according to a new survey from IBM.
One of the report’s most interesting findings is that a “trust gap” exists within organizations. According to Kathy Reece, a business analytics leader at IBM Global Business Services, and one of the authors of the study, less than 47 percent of leaders surveyed report a “strong level of trust” between IT and business departments. And when it comes to the C-Suite, the trust gap is even worse: Just 40 percent of respondents feel a strong sense of trust between executives at their firm.
“We’ve been studying big data and analytics for the past five years now. And this year we surveyed over 900 executives from 70 countries. We wanted to figure out what was triggering analytics adoptions,” Reece told InformationWeek in a phone interview.

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