Big Data goes to Brazil: Who will win the cup?

Americans normally aren’t that keen on “soccer” but things are a bit different what with the FIFA World Cup taking place down in Brazil.

Excitment is reaching fever pitch with the tournament in full swing and the 1/16 finals well underway. Social media is flooded with photos of the event and other interesting tidbits happening in Brazil; wagers are being placed on the teams people think will bring home the coveted cup, predictions are abundant; fans are at each other’s throats; sports analysts are scrutinizing every player, every game, every pass, every shot…

But who is right and who is wrong, and who will the champions be? Can the USA defeat Belgium this afternoon, or is the American dream about to be shattered in 90 minutes?

You can ask all the expert analysts you want, but here at SiliconANGLE we prefer asking Big Data for our answers…

Who will win the cup?

Defending champions Spain were many people’s favorites, while others had their bets on England and Italy as strong contenders. That’s because these teams all have pedigree – they’ve all won the cup before and so many people expect them to be strong again, but things didn’t work out that way.

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