Big data, bit opportunities: Investors wake up to analytics

The healthcare industry has seen a 20 per cent decrease in patient mortality by analysing streaming patient data. The Telco industry has seen a 92 per cent increase in processing time by analysing network and call data. These are two powerful examples used by IBM to demonstrate the return on equity of investing in big data technology.

For many investment managers and asset owners, data remains an untapped resource.

According to Virginia Rometty, chief executive of IBM in an article in The Economist, data constitutes a vast new natural resource, which promises to be for the 21st century what steam power was for the 18th, electricity for the 19th and hydrocarbons for the 20th.
She says that in 2014 a new model of firm will emerge, called the “smarter enterprise”.

“These firms will do the things that organisations have always done: make decisions, create value and deliver value. But they will do them in new ways. Smarter enterprises will make decisions by capturing data and applying predictive analytics, rather than just relying on past experience.”

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