Big Data: Big Advantage For Context Marketing (Infographic)

The advent of the Internet brought about a big data revolution that has fundamentally changed the way marketers communicate with their audiences. Armed with big data, marketers no longer have to settle for “spray and pray” messaging, throwing ads at a wall haphazardly and hoping something sticks. Instead, they can dissect audiences to a granular level and tailor messaging to specific niches based on thoroughly developed personas. This concept of context marketing is the way of the future — and big data is making it all possible.
Embrace digital personas before it’s too late
Digital personas are not developed in the same way as traditional personas, largely because much more data is available to marketers through analysis of digital channels. Traditional personas account for attributes like demographics (age, location, gender) and psychographics (personality, values, interests), but there’s still a lot of meat left on that marketing bone. Digital personas developed with big data account for these attributes, too, but they also consider behaviors, online channels, buyer journeys, devices, geo fencing and more. As the distribution of consumer behaviors continues to widen, marketers must respond with context marketing — and that means embracing big data.

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