Big Data applications for game marketing

I recently conducted a survey where 1,400 gamers answered questions about their game buying and playing habits. In the study I was particularly interested in asking about the Pile of Shame: a gamer’s backlog of purchased yet unplayed games. The study yielded many interesting results and you can read about how the current age of the Perpetual Sale affects gamers over on Kotaku. An infographic with highlights from the study appears at the bottom of this post.
For professional game developers, and especially those responsible for pricing and marketing games, it yielded some interesting nuggets of insight. The average gamer surveyed buys just 20% of games new at full price vs 60% on sale. Of the 1,400 gamers surveyed only 31% buy at least half of their games new at full price. As I explain in the Kotaku piece, gamers have been trained by Steam Sales, Humble Bundles, PS+, used games et al. that games will be cheap if you are willing to wait a few weeks or months. As one survey respondent wrote “I will only buy video games on sale. All games go on sale, given time.”

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