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Big data and privacy can be a blessing and a curse

How important is privacy to you? How useful do you find the privacy protection tools you use on the Internet? These two items are intimately linked, but, unfortunately, the answers are often diametrically opposed. For the more than 229 million people using social media in the U.S., there are three areas in which privacy is important: social, retail and government.

It no longer requires a long phone call to catch up with old friends. Social media provide us with the blessing of easy communication with friends and family members. By following your friends’ activities via social media, you almost instantly know their music and political interests, what organizations they’re involved in and whether or not they ended up with their high school sweetheart. And, if you take a look through even just a few of their photos, I’d bet you’d quickly learn their kids’ names, ages and interests, too. It’s a great tool — but is it too much information?

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