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Big data analytics make Lean methodologies leaner still

Traditionally, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies were developed for the world of manufacturing, to help companies reduce waste and errors. Today, many hospitals and health systems embrace Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to improve healthcare delivery, clinical workflow and other patient care processes.
A growing number of hospitals are training their staff in Lean Six Sigma to achieve Green and Black Belt certification. However, the current practice of Lean Six Sigma requires a tremendous amount of manual data entry, analysis and discussion to identify the best ways to improve workflow and care processes. Hospitals are limited when they have to manually sort through massive amounts of unstructured data to identify root causes of problems. Or, the application of DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, inspect, control) can become time-consuming when the measurement and analysis of data must be performed manually or by third parties after de-identifying patient information to avoid breaches in patient privacy and information security.

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