Big Data Analytics adoption increases 6% since 2013

According to a HIMSS Analytics new issue brief, healthcare organizations are realizing the value of investing in big data analytics and, as a result, the adoption of clinical analytics and business intelligence (C&BI) infrastructure is on the rise. In fact, healthcare big data analytics adoption has seen a 6 percent increase by provider organizations since 2013 resulting in more than half the industry now relying on some form of advanced clinical or financial decision-making technology that harnesses big pools of varied data.
In 2013, HIMSS Analytics found 46.2 percent of healthcare organizations were utilizing some form of clinical and business intelligence solution in place. In 2015, that number has increased to 52.1 percent. Fifty-four percent of these organizations said they get their C&BI package from the same vendor as their electronic health record as they seek to bolster their population health management capabilities.

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