Big Boxes Vs Big Data: Dealing With Legacy Information

The IT industry is all about new, better, best, especially if it’s got a good acronym. Software defined networking? A survey earlier this year found the majority of respondents wanted SDN even though most of them couldn’t define what SDN is. How about Big Data? At the recent Teradata user conference – Unleashing the Power of Data – there were less than 600 public and private-sector organizations, who represented the bulk of entities doing anything significant with Big Data.
I remember asking a CIO when they would be moving to a new Microsoft software release and being told that the company’s plans were to deploy the previous release – not the current or new version – within the next six months. It seems the real world moves a lot slower than the IT vendors would like, and a case in point is legacy data. In all the excitement about Big Data, the data deluge of new forms of information, everybody is forgetting about legacy data.

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