Behavioral algorithm predicts RG3 will divorce wife before 2017

MFP was able to predict that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson would dump his wife one year before it happened, using a complex, predictive algorithm:

Using this same predictive model, MFP can conclude with near-divine certainty that RG3 will divorce Rebecca Liddicoat before 2017.

With 2 years experience, and new coach Jay Gruden, NFL experts (me) expect RG3 to rebound from a disappointing 2013-2014– putting himself in position for a massive contract extension before his rookie contract expires at the end of the 2015 season. For obvious reasons, RG3 will seek to sever ties with Liddicoat before then.

In consultation with his legal team, Griffin has probably already set the wheels of divorce in motion– starting petty arguments at every opportunity. In doing so, he will give himself enough time to attend several months of failed marriage counseling, thereby giving the impression that he did everything in his power to salvage the relationship, but that he and Liddicoat just “drifted apart”.

This distinction is important to RG3.

Griffin is a relatively high character individual. It’s important for his conscience (and his brand) that the divorce be seen as the unforseen, unavoidable result of a young couple growing apart– rather than his desire to leverage his superstardom into sex with as many blondes as possible.

Flashback: RG3 “allegedly” texts Hooters’ waitress on his wedding day…

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